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Join us for  preaching and worship during our weekly services Sunday at 9:30 am

163 South Monmouth Rd

Monmouth, ME



Ladies, every Sunday after church, join the Women of Victory as they study the Bible from a women's prospective. No men allowed!

Amanda "The Mrs." Dwelle

163 South Monmouth Rd

Monmouth, ME


Join us for an open discussion as we work our way through books of the Bible.  All are welcome.

Every Tuesday at 6 pm

163 South Monmouth Rd

Monmouth ME


Men, come join us and become part of the Brotherhood. Learn to become a disciple of Christ and a biblical man. 

Chris "Mouthpiece" Dwelle

Every Monday at 6 pm

163 South Monmouth Rd

Monmouth, ME




Pastor Chris "Mouthpiece" Dwelle

Pastor Chris "Mouthpiece" Dwelle  is the senior pastor and president of Victory Biker Church Maine. Three years ago, God called him to bridge the gap between his two passions, Jesus and motorcycles. He noticed that there was not church ministering to the motorcycle community in Maine below Bangor and it didn’t take long for God to break his heart for this community of misunderstood people. 

Pastor Chris has seen first hand the generosity, kindness, and love that comes out of the biker/motorcycle community and is looking to grow a church family of these people that in turn will go out into the highways and reach the least of these and the less fortunate. Everyone is  welcome to come as they are but can’t be afraid to move into where God will call them to be. 

Pastor Chris is an author, podcaster, and wannabe YouTuber.


Pastor Amanda "The Mrs." Dwelle

Pastor of Women Ministry/Secretary

Amanda "The Mrs." Dwelle is our director of women’s ministry, our secretary and the wife of Pastor Chris. She has a passion for helping women grow in the understanding of God’s plan in their lives. Amanda is one of the greatest success stories of Victory Biker Church Maine and we’ve seen her blossom in the roles that God has given her.

Brad "Bear" Galbreath

Vice President

Bear is our right hand man. Seriously. He's the "go to" guy. When people have issues in the church, they go to Bear. He may look scary but he's a great guy and very approachable. 

Bear is the new co-host of the Born Again Biker Podcast where he shares his insights on biblical manhood, motorcycles, and how to bring Jesus to the motorcycle community. 

Jacki "Thirty-One" Galbreath


If you look up the example of womanhood in Proverbs 31, you'll see those qualities in this lady right here. That's where her name comes from. Thirty-One is our treasurer and on of our most trusted leaders. 

Andy "Rat Rod" Blundon

Lead Elder

Meet Rat Rod. Not only does he own the COOLEST truck on the planet, he happens to be our lead elder and a member of our leadership board. Rat Rod is our level head and our "get it done" guy. Don't let his quiet outside fool you, this guy is the real deal!

Director of Chopper Church

Cara "Cara-Boo" Gregor

This brave lady right here leads our kids. Chopper Church is the children's ministry at Victory Biker Church Maine. Cara-Boo has such a heart and passion for these kids. She loves teaching them about Jesus and does it in a way that they understand and remember. 

Terry "Spahky" Gregor

Elder/Motorcycle Outreach Leader

This guy right here is amazing. Spahky is an elder, on our leadership board, helps with the maintenance around the church and will be leading our outreach into the motorcycle community moving forward. 



Victory Biker Church Maine is a non-denominational Christian church that was designed for bikers, outcasts, misfits, and sinners. It’s not the well that need a physician, its the sick. Whether you are a biker, all tattooed up, or just someone who wants to have an encounter with Jesus, we’re here for you. 

Everyone is welcome regardless of your past or present situation. We WANT you to come in your brokenness. Just because you sin differently than we do, doesn’t make you not welcome. You’re going to find people who are genuine and full of the Love of Jesus for you. Our meetings are laid back, biker oriented, yet still family friendly with great worship, relevant preaching, and the presence of God.

Victory Biker Church Maine is a church plant of Victory Biker Church International in Lennon, MI. We are in partnership with VBC International, VBC Scotland, and VBC Cornwall, England to take the love of Jesus to the motorcycle community and the rest of the broken world.. We are a brotherhood (and sisterhood) of bikers bound by our faith and our relationship with Jesus Christ. 

We have a passion to be the church home for bikers, outcasts, misfits, and sinners of all types, a passion for family, and a passion of the open road. Bikers reaching bikers, the lost, and the broken with the love of God and the true Victory of Jesus Christ.

We aim to work in unity with all Motorcycle Ministries as well as other churches to spread the Gospel and add souls to the Kingdom of Heaven. We’d love you to become part of our family.



Physical Address

163 South Monmouth Rd

Monmouth, ME 04259

Mailing Address

32 Hicks Rd.

Augusta, ME 04330 

Tel: 207-933-8053

Women of Victory

Sunday's after church

The Brotherhood Mens Discipleship

Monday's 6 pm

Community Bible Study 

Tuesday's 6 pm

Worship Services

Sunday's 9:30

Thank you! We'll be in touch with your shortly.

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